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Understanding The Maturity Stages Of A Data Lake

Data Lake can be interpreted as a centralized repository where we can store data of any format & scale. The storage process in the Data Lake isn’t much complex as you can store the data as it is. Data doesn’t need to be structured to get stored in the Data Lake and it also doesn’t need performing any type of analytics operations. Get a clear understanding of the functioning of Data Lake architecture by joining through experts’ guidance by joining for the best Data Science Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s take a look at the maturity stages of a Data Lake.

Maturity Stages of Data Lake-

You will be finding different definitions for the maturity stages of a Data Lake but however, the over crux in all the definitions remains the same.

Stage 1: Handle & Ingest Data At Scale

The first step involves working towards improving the skill sets to transform and analyze data. Data Scientists will be working on identifying the right tools & mining the relevant data & then building relevant analytical applications.

Stage 2: Building The Analytical Muscle

The beginning process in the second stage will be quite similar to that of the process in the first stage. Analysts will be working towards improving the abilities to transform & analyze the data. By making use of advanced data mining tools & applications, relevant data is pulled from various sources. In this stage the enterprises capabilities of data warehouse & data lake are used together.

Stage 3: EDW & Data Lake Work In Unison

This stage involves provisioning data into the hands of analytical teams for processing. Both the teams that are working in the Data Lake and data warehouses will be working together as a union.

Stage 4: Enterprise Capability In The Lake

This is a crucial stage of the Data Lake maturity process where the enterprise capabilities are added to the Data Lake. Different aspects like information governance, information lifecycle, data management will be taken care of in the process.

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