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Common Use Cases Of DevOps Docker

Docker is one of the most prominent tools in the DevOps ecosystem.  Docker is widely popular because of the wide range of benefits it has got to offer & being an open source platform it is available at free of cost for everyone. Docker is one of the most extensively used tools in the DevOps ecosystem for developing, delivering and operating applications. Docker is designed to give a boost to the application development process.

Docker lets you separate application from infrastructure where you will be treating the infrastructure as a managed application. DevOps boosts the code testing process as it supports a number of automation testing tools. Build real-time working exposure of DevOps by working on real-time DevOps projects with Kelly Technologies advanced career program of DevOps Training In Hyderabad.

Now let’s take a look at some of the common use cases of Docker

Simplifying Configuration-

With Docker, users can work on any platform with its own config in any infrastructure eliminating the need for the use of a virtual machine. With Docker, you can work on Dockerfile that lets you not only to configure the code but also allows you to pass via env variables across multiple environments & deploy wherever required.

Developer Productivity-

Docker helps in rapid deployment of development operations & it ensures that both the development & the production environments stay close to each other. This approach helps in the elimination of the bugs in the development process. And as mentioned earlier, a Dockerfile can be used multiple times build and deploy an app. This greatly diminishes the time spent on environment preparation.

App Isolation-

In some of the development environments, you are required to create isolation among applications that are being developed in the same server. This process helps in cutting down the costs. This can be best explained with the example where you might need to run two REST API servers that require node.js. If each of these servers uses different versions of node then running these servers in several containers can better address this issue.

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