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Understanding the Development & Deployment Process in DevOps

DevOps software delivery culture is gaining a huge prominence across enterprises IT & software development process. As we know that DevOps processes emphasizes on the need to implement lean & agile approaches in the software development process, it also aims to integrate IT operations and software engineering process into one cohesive process. It aims to shorten the product/application development life cycle process and ensures achieving continuous deliverability with high quality software. The DevOps principles were derived from Agile principles; many DevOps elements actually came from Agile. DevOps also incorporates some elements of Six Sigma methodologies.

DevOps strategies work towards streamlining the development processes through lean methodologies. DevOps strategies also set their focus on optimal resource usage, reducing defects and & encourages resource reusability. You can know about the core benefits of DevOps process with our DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

Development & Deployment Process in DevOps:

DevOps can be broken down into two different development stages: development and deployment. Development occurs when there is a new product to be released. During the development stage, the developers use their skills to write code to automate the process of creating the product.

Deployment is when the new product is ready to be shipped. During this stage, the team performs testing and QA on the product to ensure that the product meets all requirements. Once the product is ready to go, the deployment teams actually deploy the product on an existing infrastructure. This deployment involves using dedicated servers, dedicated networks, and a proper configuration and management of the infrastructure.

There are some key differences between the two phases of DevOps. There are also a lot of similarities. DevOps, by nature, focuses on automated processes rather than manual processes. Many DevOps practitioners recommend that the manual part of the process is outsourced, so that the DevOps team is able to focus on the automation and quality instead of the repetitive task of documentation. You know more in-depth about the development & deployment process in DevOps with our DevOps Course in Hyderabad program. 

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