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How to Overcome the Fear of Math and Learn Math for Data Science?

The field of Data Science is evolving at large and enterprises across industries verticals are relying heavily on the use of data analytical models to benefit from their existing reserves of Big Data. Amid the growing demand for Big Data and Data Analytics, Data Scientists are being recruited at large by enterprises across industry verticals including IT, Healthcare, Banking, Industrial, Travel, Space Research, and several other sectors have started recruiting Data Scientists at large. Currently the job-role of Data Scientist has become the most preferred career option.

Despite the growing demand for Data Science & Data Scientists, many individuals back down from becoming learning Data Science just because of their fear of maths. Being multidisciplinary in nature, Data Science makes use of numerous techniques from different fields including Mathematics. Statistics, Probability, Matrices and several other Mathematical concepts gets covered in Data Science. 

Overcoming the Fear of Maths:

As Maths is considered as a pre-requisite for Data Science, however, it doesn’t require Math skills of PhD level. Basic knowledge in Mathematics is essential to get started in Data Science as a beginner.  

You can get started by brushing your skills in the basic mathematical concepts like

  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Discrete Math
  • Graph Theory
  • Information Theory

Rather than developing mere theoretical knowledge, you need to develop hands-on skills through practical implementation by applying the formulae to different problems. If you successfully build skills in probability and statistical concepts, principles of calculus and linear algebra, then Mathematics would no longer be a problem for you to learn Data Science.

You can develop core cognitive skills in Data Science by learning the topics right from the basics to advanced level with Data Science Training in Hyderabad program at Kelly Technologies.

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