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Understanding Data Manipulation & Data Analysis:

Data Science is an umbrella term that involves numerous processes like Data Mining, Data Preparation, Data Processing, Data Modeling, Data Visualization and many more. Both Machine Learning and AI technologies are new addition into Data Science with the help of which making accurate interpretations of out of Big Data becomes a lot easier.  Both Data Wrangling and Data Analysis are crucial techniques in any Data Science project.

Understanding Data Manipulation & Data Analysis:

  • Data Manipulation

Data Manipulation and wrangling is a crucial process in Data Science that helps in cleaning the data & transforming it into a format that makes it easy to analyze.  Data Manipulation contributes to data quality which is very crucial when it comes to extracting accurate insights from Big Data.

The whole process of Data Manipulation and Wrangling takes a lot of time to complete & they are very crucial when you are intended to make data-driven decisions. Some of the most commonly used techniques in this approach are missing value imputation, transformation, scaling, and more. You can know more in-depth about Data Manipulation with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

  • Data Analysis

Data Analysis is a crucial step in the Data Science process where you will get to know what exactly data has in store for you. This technique helps you explore deep inside the data. By using this technique, you can get to know about a lot about data. For instance, using this technique you can get a clear idea about the average sales per week, which products are in-demand, when is the most profitable time to advertise your product and more.

Data Analysis is also a crucial process in Machine Learning & if you are interested in developing skills in Data Analysis then you can check out our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program.

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