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AWS Certification-In-Demand Job Roles in AWS  

The technology of cloud gained momentum ever since AWS came into the picture. The scalable, secured and cost efficient cloud based solutions offered by AWS have attracted many enterprises and individuals. The number of enterprises that are migrating their business into AWS cloud is steadily increasing and this has opened doors to numerous job opportunities which no one has ever thought to be possible at the beginning of cloud technology.

These days, many companies are hiring skilled and certified cloud computing experts who can help their business to leverage the benefits of AWS cloud to its full potential. Next to Data Scientists, AWS job roles are considered to be at the top of the list of the highly paying job roles in 2020. If you are curious to build your career in the technology of cloud then, joining our advanced AWS Training in Hyderabad program will be an apt choice.

Now, let’s look at the leading job roles that are in-demand in AWS.

AWS Developer:

The job responsibilities and qualifications needed to become an AWS Developer are mentioned here below.

  • They should be experts in coding using languages like Python, Java, C++, and more.
  • They should be having better understanding of business process and need to build business applications.
  • Those who are having experience in the role of a developer will find it easy to develop the essential skills needed to clear AWS Developer certification.
  • To upgrade their career graph these professionals can prefer to clear AWS Developer Associate certification & become AWS Architect.

To become an expert AWS Developer you can join our advanced AWS Training in Hyderabad program.

AWS DevOps Engineer:

  • These professionals must be experts in handling both development and operations fields.
  • Having expertise in application deployment will be an added advantage.
  • Those who are interested in becoming AWS DevOps Engineers must clear AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam.

You can develop the skills that would help you in clearing your AWS DevOps Engineer certification exam with our AWS Course in Hyderabad program.

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