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Trending Data Science Project Ideas For 2021

If you are a Data Science career enthusiast and wish to excel in a career on in Data Science then, it requires intense training and commitment to achieve your dream. Being an interdisciplinary field, to master the skills in Data Science one needs to develop skills in interdisciplinary areas like Programming, Mathematics, Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and several other areas. The best way to master the technical skills in Data Science is by working on multiple projects in real-time. This Data Science Training in Hyderabad program lets you master the skills in Data Science by making you work on multiple capstone projects.

Best Data Science Project Ideas in 2021:

  • Character Recognition

This is one of the challenging & interesting project ideas in Data Science. The prime focus of this project idea is to build a computer system that has the ability to recognize and understand the hand-written characters. Working on this project requires extensive skills in Deep Learning & Neural Networks. You will be training Neural Networks to recognize the words which are specifically hand-written. You can work on this project by making use of MNIST dataset.

  • Chatbot-

The use of Chatbots has become quite common in the business sector as a part of the customer interaction process. Chatbots can help businesses to better interact with the customers round the clock in a cost efficient manner. To build a Chatbot you need to have extensive skills in Deep Learning & Recurring Neural Networks. You can easily build a Chatbot if you are skilled in coding using Python.

Apart from these there are several other innovative project ideas to work and assess your Data Science skills. Our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program is the perfect platform to become a certified Data Science specialist.  

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