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Best Reasons Why To Choose AWS As Your Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services is the fastest growing enterprise in the cloud industry that delivers on-demand cloud computing services to individual users, large scale enterprises & startup companies. The idea of delivering cloud services was first initiated by AWS in the year 2003 & by the end of 2016 AWS has emerged as the largest share holder of the global cloud computing industry. The highly reliable cloud service by AWS has helped it on its way towards achieving more than a million customers around the world and $10 billion in annual revenue and still growing.

Despite the stiff competition from other cloud computing service providers like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, AWS has been quite effective in gaining over 40 percent of the cloud computing market share, more than its three biggest competitors combined. You can know about the different types of cloud services offered by AWS with our advanced AWS Training in Hyderabad program.

Top Reasons Why To Choose AWS?

  • Wider Zone Reach

Despite the slow start, AWS managed to become a pioneer leader in the cloud industry and extended its zonal reach to all over the world. AWS now operates in 44 availability zones within 16 geographic regions around the world. It is working towards extending the number of its availability zones to five more regions including China. So whichever location you may be in, you can get benefited from the uninterrupted service by AWS.

  • Automated Multi-Region Backups

With prominent AWS services like AMIs and EBS snapshots, users can easily backup their data. The cloud based storage solutions offered by AWS are very affordable and we can securely store critical information across multiple geographic locations. Recovering data in terms of any natural manmade disaster is a lot easier with AWS.

  • Enhanced Security

AWS offers the same level of high end security for both one-man startup or an enterprise-level companies.

You wish to know more in-depth about the high end security services in AWS with our AWS Course in Hyderabad program. Apart from these, there are several other reasons that make AWS as a must to choose cloud platform for businesses.

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