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Top AWS Skills That You Need To Showcase In Your Profile

With the growing prominence for data, the demand for the technologies that would help in managing & analyzing data has gained a lot of prominence. As the process of storing large volumes of Data using physical devices isn’t an economical process, the demand for cloud based storage solutions have gained a lot of prominence. Cloud based storage solutions are not only economical but are also highly secured solutions to store sensitive data.

With the growing demand for cloud solutions, Amazon Web Services has gained a lot of prominence. Most of the businesses around the world are relying heavily on cloud solutions offered by AWS & this has led to the incredible demand for skilled cloud professionals. As most of the enterprises have already migrated their data over the cloud, AWS professionals have now become the need of the hour to help enterprises in making their cloud projects a success. To experience a successful career in the field of cloud computing with AWS, you need to stay Relevant with ever-changing cloud computing industry trends which can be possible by joining our advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, lets’ look at the top AWS skills that you need to showcase in your profile to get hired instantly.

  • Cloud Security

Science the past decade, there has been significant advancements made in cloud security & this is what that is encouraging companies to migrate their data to the cloud. While choosing a cloud service provider, majority of the companies would be looking at the security features & this is where AWS tops the charts.  Most of the companies are recurring AWS professionals who have done their security specialization & have the skills to leverage the cloud security tools offered by AWS.

  • DevOps

Skills in DevOps are also very crucial for AWS professionals. Being interdisciplinary in nature DevOps makes use of attitudes, practices, and tools to enhance the speed at which development and operations teams can deliver apps and services. There’s a huge demand in the industry for the professionals who have completed their AWS DevOps Engineer certification.

  • Programming Languages

Programming skills are also very crucial to excel in career in AWS. JavaScript, GoLang and Python are among the most in-demand languages for AWS professionals.

Leverage knowledge of all the essential skills in field of AWS by working on projects in real-time through our Kelly Technologies advanced AWS training program.  

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