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List Of Prominent Automation Tools In DevOps

DevOps is an advanced software development technique that associates numerous benefits to the organizations that accurately deploys DevOps strategies in their development process. DevOps is major game changing factor in the in the enterprises software development approach as it helps them to achieve continuous software delivery which was otherwise proven to be impossible to achieve from the traditional waterfall based software development process.

DevOps combines software development (Dev) and Information technology operations, so that enterprises can develop products & release software faster inside an automated environment. There are numerous automation tools that are available in the market both open source & paid that support automated testing & monitoring operations in DevOps. DevOps Engineers need to proficient in handling these automated tools & they are also required to update their skills from time to time to stay relevant with the latest updates.

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Now, let’s look at the list of the most prominent automation tools that are involved in DevOps.

  • Puppet

Puppet is one of the most efficiently used cross-platform configuration management tool by DevOps Engineers. With the help of Puppet, DevOps Engineers will find it easy to configure, deploy, and manage servers. Puppet plays a crucial role in achieving rapid & secured deployment process. It also help in scaling the servers dynamically based on the requirement. It also continuously monitors whether the configuration is in place or not.

  • Docker

If you are intended to build & run distributed applications faster, then look no beyond Docker. It is the most extensively used tool by DevOps Engineers to build & run distributed applications rapidly efficiently. Docker also supports containerization & ensures eliminating the conflicts between the apps. It also makes sure that the applications are secured.

  • Jenkins

Jenkins is the best tool in use for automated monitoring operations. It continuously monitors the execution of repeated tasks. It supports almost every operating system that is currently in use. Jenikins comes with multiple in- built plugins that support continuous integration.

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