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Reasons Why Enterprises Mostly Prefer AWS For Their Cloud Requirements

Back in 2003, two employees form AWS have come up with the idea of using their enterprises computing infrastructure as a platform for cloud services for users across varied domains. This idea has totally transformed the cloud industry making as a leader in the global cloud computing market. The annual revenue generated by Amazon from its cloud services is expected to be approximately $10 billion.

Despite of having a stiff competition in the existing cloud industry with the top tech giants like Google and Microsoft offering their own cloud services, Amazon has still managed to emerge as the cloud industry leader by holding a market share of around 40 percent . Owing to its highly secured services in the cloud AWS has managed to grab the attention of a lot of eyeballs within a short span of time. Amazon ensures strict privacy of its users & makes use of advanced tools & security systems to safeguard its users’ data.

In this blog post, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent reasons for why AWS is the most widely preferred cloud service provider for the enterprises all around the world.

On the Go Pricing-

Users of AWS cloud services have to pay only for these services which they have used. This comes very handy in the case of server infrastructure, as traffic tends to be very bursty, especially the larger the site is.


AWS is best known for the processing speed of its services. The Elastic Block Storage is nearly as fast as S3, but provides different features. Users who are using EC2 Compute Units have experienced better processing speeds compared to Xeon-class performance on an hourly rate. The reliability in AWS is very high.


With the help of IAM restricting the access to the use of AWS services is very easy. With the help of the roles in IAM it is a lot easier in setting the privileges for user actions which greatly reduces any malpractices.


AWS services are best known for their flexibility. All the services here work and communicate together with your application to automatically judge demand and handle it accordingly.

Owing to the varied benefits offered by AWS, more number of companies are showing their interest towards migrating to cloud services in AWS. Make the most out of the rising demand in AWS & step into the cloud job-market by mastering knowledge of all the cognitive AWS tools & services with the help of the advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

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