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Data Science vs. Data Analytics

New age technologies like Data Science, Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & TensorFlow are now progressing more rapidly than ever in the past decade. Enterprises around the world are recruiting the best talent in analytics to accurately mine the data & help them in taking accurate business decisions.

Just like the rest of the world, the Indian analytics industry is also in dire need for skilled & certified analytics experts.  Now, let’s gain a strong foothold in one of the fast-growing analytics technology of Data Science

Understanding Data Science-

Data science is a rapidly evolving technology in the analytics industry that is specially designed to deal with big data management. The sequences of steps that are included in the Data Science process are Data Cleansing, Data Preparation, and Data Analysis.

The role of a Data Scientist is to gather relevant data from multiple sources, cleaning the data & preparing it for analysis. As a part of the process, Data Scientists make use of advanced Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Sentiment Analysis so as to accurately extract the insights that are encrypted inside the data. Data Scientists are having a strong understanding of business & the insights extracted from them helps in taking accurate business decisions.

Why Data Scientists Are Crucial For Businesses? Here’s All That You Need To Know

Let’s take a look at various ways in which Data Scientists are curial for businesses

  • Data Scientists help in detecting anomalies, like abnormal customer behavior or frauds
  • Data Scientists help in creating personal marketing strategies
  • Data Scientists help in the generation of accurate metric forecasts like performance indicators, quality of advertising campaigns and many more
  • Data Scientists helps in enhancing the customer experience
  • Data Scientists helps the enterprises in taking accurate decisions

Essential Skills For A Data Scientist-

In order to excel in career as a Data Scientist, aspirants need to have a strong understanding of analytics, programming, and domain knowledge. Should have intense programming skills ion languages like Python, SAS, R & Scala. Should be capable to work on unstructured data collected from multiple sources & also knowledge of machine learning algorithms is very crucial. Interested in becoming a Data Scientist? Join us for the Kelly Technologies advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program by certified trainers. This program helps in transforming the students into becoming a job-ready Data Scientist.

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