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Prominent Analytics Job Roles In Data Science

The use of data-driven analytics techniques in Data Science have gain huge prominence as they have proven to be highly effective in helping the businesses to scale & grow. This is the reason why most of the enterprises are readily hiring skilled & certified Data Science experts into their workforce. Data Scientists, Statisticians, AI Professionals, Machine Learning Specialists, Business Analytics Experts, Analytics Consultants, are among the most in-demand job roles in the Data Science industry. Secure your career in the field of Data Science with the help of top-notch experts driven Data Science Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s get a clear idea about some of the most prominent job-roles in Data Science.

  • Statisticians

Earlier to the outbreak of Big Data revolution, the job role of a Data Science expert is termed as a Statistician. Statisticians have sound knowledge of mathematical & statistical applications. Statisticians these days are very much capable of performing sampling, clustering, and predictive modelling techniques to come up accurate data driven predictions. These experts are also skilled in Data Visualization techniques. 

  • Machine Learning Scientists

These professionals are highly skilled experts in Data Science & are very much capable of handling advanced algorithms in Machine Learning & AI to accurately interpret with Big Data. These experts help the business stakeholders in making accurate data driven smart business decisions. They are responsible for developing analytical models that can accurately determine the pricing strategies, recommend products, predict threats and more.

  • Business Intelligence Experts 

Most of the business enterprises these days rely heavily on Business Intelligence experts to make accurate business decisions. These experts have nowadays become an integral part of the enterprises strategic planning & business development process. Having strong understanding of business acumen, these experts work on ROI analysis, ROI optimization, dashboards design & analyzing the performance metrics & several other aspects.

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