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How To Keep Your Amazon Redshift Costs Low?

Amazon Web Services is the most prominent cloud service provider that delivers on-demand cloud solutions over the internet at an affordable pricing. The cloud solutions offered by AWS are best known for their security levels which are almost impenetrable as it adopts multilayer security models.

The pricing model in AWS is the pay-per-use cost effective model that lets users to pay only for the service which they have used over a particular period of time. If you are using Amazon Redshift then the pricing is based on compute nodes. Users will be billed for every compute node an hourly rate. The various factors based on which the hourly rate may vary are region, node type, whether the node pricing is on-demand or reserved type.

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Now, let’s understand how to keep your Redshift costs low.

How to Keep Your Redshift Costs Low

  • Encode Your Redshift Columns

The concept of encoding columns simply relates that data gets compressed as per its data type. This method not also saves space but it also helps in improving query performance.  With this approach, users can decrease the count of number of nodes required to perform the task.

Redshift’s COPY commands are usually recommended by Amazon if in case users wish to compress the columns. 

  • Vacuum Your Redshift Tables

Whenever any row gets deleted or updated, the space that gets created wouldn’t be reclaimed by Redshift. So as to reclaim the unused space users are required to periodically run Redshift’s VACUUM command.

This technique not only optimizes the performance but also but also reduces the node count which is needed to host your data.

Apart from these there are several other techniques that can help in keeping the Redshift costs low. Get to about these techniques in real-time & become an industry -ready expert in AWS with the help of Kelly Technologies AWS training program.

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