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Insights To Python Active Community Base

Python, a general-purpose programming language, is now extensively being used for varied applications across multiple sectors. Python language is developed in such a way that its syntax can support diverse applications. Python is being used for simple web development applications to computation of complex mathematical solutions, software of testing. VFX designing, game development & is also used in the advanced analytics applications involving Data Science.

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The demand for Python is mainly because of its larger developer community base because of which the development of tools, packages & libraries happen more frequently in Python compared to any other programming language.

Now, let’s have a look at the community base in Python. 

5th Largest StackOverflow Community-

For those who aren’t aware of StackOverflow, let’s tell you that it is programming related Q&A site. Those who are new to programming languages can get a lot of valuable information from StackOverflow. In the StackOverflow community, Python is having more than 85.9k followers & you can find more than 500k questions related to Python. The best thing about this community is that the questions related to Python would get answered by the experts with a response time better than any other popular programming languages.

3rd Largest Meetup Community-

Meetups are the events where people of similar interests would join at a place & share their view. Meetups are undoubtedly the best place where you can get to interact with fellow developers & get mentored by them. When it comes to Python, there are approximately 1300+ groups on & is having a membership of 608k+ members. This is why Python is said to be having the 3rd largest community base in the Programming.

4th Most-Used Language at GitHub-

Python has several built-in functions that can be used for the needs of your project. These built-in functions will help the developers to develop applications more rapidly. You would be amazed to know that more than 950 projects in Python have over 500 stars.

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