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Python Training in Hyderabad Curriculum

Core Python: Setting up and running Python

  • Distributions –, anaconda python
  • Shells – python, Jupyter,
  • IDES – Pycharm, spyder, eclipse
  • Editors - Visual Studio Code, Atom
  • Python 2 vs 3
  • First program - ‘Hello World!’
  • Interpretation and .pyc, .pyo files
  • Python Implementations – CPython, Ironpython, Jython, pypy

Introduction: Values and variables

  • Python data types
  • type(), id(), sys.getsizeof()
  • Python labeling system
  • Object pooling
  • Conversion functions
  • The language which knew infinity
  • Console input, output
  • Operators in python
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Relational operators
  • Logical operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Bitwise operators
  • Membership operators
  • Identity operators
  • Ternary Operator

Strings: Define a string - Multiple quotes and Multiple lines

  • String functions
  • String slicing - start, end & step
  • Negative indexing

Built-in functions: Type conversions

  • int()
  • float()
  • bool()
  • str()
  • complex()
  • Interview questions
  • Exercise Programs
  • Summary

Control structures:

  • if statement
  • if - else statement
  • if - elif statement
  • Nest if-else
  • Multiple if
  • Which control structure to choose?
  • Looping statements
  • while loop
  • for loop
  • range()
  • xrange()
  • Iterator and generator Introduction
  • for - else
  • When to use for-else ?
  • Interview Questions
  • Exercise Programs
  • Summary

Data structures: List

  • Introduction to List
  • Purpose of a List
  • Iterating through a List
  • List slicing, -ve indexing
  • Internals of list
  • List Operations
  • Searching for an element
  • In and count()
  • Adding an element
  • append()
  • insert()
  • Removing an element
  • remove()
  • pop()
  • Merging two lists
  • + operator
  • extend()
  • Ordering a list
  • sort()
  • reverse()
  • Finding index of an element - index()
  • List of lists
  • Comparing list

Homogeneous data

  • Built-in array.array()
  • numpy.array()

Tuple: Introduction of Tuple

  • Tuple Slicing
  • -ve indexing
  • Iterating through a Tuple
  • List of tuples Vs Tuple of Lists
  • Purpose of a tuple

List Vs Tuple - An interviewer’s question: Set

  • Introduction of set
  • How to remove duplicates in list?
  • How set removes duplicates?
  • Set functions
  • Searching for an element
  • In - The fastest
  • Adding an element
  • add()
  • Removing an element
  • remove()
  • discard()
  • pop()
  • Relation between two sets
  • intersection()
  • union()
  • difference()
  • isdisjoint()
  • issubset()
  • issuperset()
  • Merging two sets
  • update()

Sets are hashable but Lists or unhashable: Set Use-Cases

  • Dictionary
  • Introduction of Dictionary - Associative data structure
  • Creating a Dictionary
  • Adding elements to Dictionary
  • Deleting key value pair
  • Updating / extending a Dictionary
  • Iterating through a Dictionary
  • Tuple unpacking method
  • Converting list/tuples of tuples/lists into Dictionary
  • Converting Dictionary to List of tuples
  • Lambda introduction
  • Sorting List of tuples and dictionaries
  • Finding max(), min() in a dict
  • Wherever you go, dictionary follows you!

Counter() - simplest counting algorithm

  • DefaultDict - Always has a value
  • OrderedDict - Maintains order
  • Dequeue - Short time memory loss
  • Forzenset() – hashable set
  • namedtuple() – hashable dict
  • Heapq - efficient in-memory min-heap()
  • heapify()
  • nlargest()
  • nsmallest()
  • heappush()
  • heappop()

Importance of Hashability: Packing and Unpacking

  • Swapping two values
  • List packing and Unpacking
  • Tuple packing and Unpacking
  • String packing and Unpacking
  • Set packing and Unpacking
  • Iterator using iter() and next()

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Best Institute for Python Training in Hyderabad

Kelly Technologies Python Training in Hyderabad program will be an apt choice for the aspirants who are willing to build a career in programming. This advanced Python course would transform you into an expert Python programmer with skills in libraries including Pandas, matplotlib, scipy, numpy, PyGTK, SymPy, Flask, PyTorch along frameworks and numerous packages. Participants will learn Python scripts and Python basics, be it for Web Development or Data Analysis or Data Visualization or whatever may be the application, this Best online Python training course prepares you to handle the critical challenges in the programming applications across the industry verticals.

Enroll now for one of the Best Python Training in Hyderabad programs to become an experienced programming professional. The course structure is well prepared covering all the modules and is in association with real-time experts with 10+ years of industry experience. This instructor lead training course duration is 60 days and after completing the course, participants will be awarded. If you are willing to learn about the programming industry landscape, areas where it is used, its applications, job opportunities and any other valuable information then, request for a free demo session. We offer the best Python course online training.

Python Training in Hyderabad

Why Is Python So Popular?

Python is an open-source and Python is an object-oriented programming language. Python is an interpreted language and Python is free to use. Python is open-source in nature. It exhibits features like ease to read and a simple coding syntax. It is backed by a vast and diverse community base and so the advancements in this language happen very frequently. This language is extensively being used in the IT industry for applications like Web Development, Software Development, Game Development, Scientific Applications, Desktop GUI, Web Scraping, Operating Systems, etc. Become industry-ready programming experts in the field of programming by joining our authentic Python Online Training in Hyderabad program.

Having the best training experts and with our well-structured course curriculum, our course program is the first choice for the students who wish to excel in their career as a programmer. It also has a number of packages and libraries that support execution of analytics operations on Big Data. For this reason, the Python programming language is most widely preferred by Data Scientists. Most of the budding Data Scientists prefer to learn this language over any other programming language. So, as a part of our Best Institute for Python in Hyderabad course includes advanced topics that are related to the field of analytics & Data Science. This course material in our program is up-to-date. Become certified and make the most out of our placement support program. Post successful completion of our Python training classes,

Python Training in Hyderabad

Best Python Training in Hyderabad Certification Course Overview

Kelly Technologies Python Online Course in Hyderabad helps the aspirants to acquire knowledge in every module with a clear understanding skill set. The Python course material is specially designed by domain experts. Aspirants will acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge to face real world big challenges in an easy manner. High-level Instructors with extensive functional skills in the field will deliver the Best Python Course in Hyderabad to enrich subject knowledge skill set in trending fields. You can also join our Python online training course. We provide quality training at an affordable price.

After the successful completion of Python Online Course in Hyderabad, aspirants will be awarded globally recognized Certification from Kelly Technologies Training Institute. Facilities of Lab with state of art infrastructure are provided to acquire practical knowledge to boost revenues by providing a most optimized solution. Real Time Project Oriented Python Coaching in Hyderabad ensures towards fetching all the details of customized financial instruments for future analysis. By completing the training with us, learners will gain an in-depth Python knowledge and hands-on Python skills that are needed to become a fully competent programming experts.

Python Training in Hyderabad

Why To Learn Python for Data Science?

If you are a Data Science career enthusiast then, developing skills in Python becomes very crucial. Our institute is the first choice for the analytics career enthusiasts who wish to become Data Scientists. This language has a number of libraries that support the execution of data analytical operations on Big Data. For instance, with the Numpy library, Data Scientists are supported by mathematical functions to handle large dimension arrays. Panda library is one of the most extensively used libraries for data manipulation operations on Big Data. Matplotlib is the most widely used library for Data Visualization operations. In this way this language has a number of packages that help Data Scientists in easing the complexity of data analysis processes.

The course curriculum in our program is well designed to fit the programming needs across the industry verticals. Post this Python certification completion, students will learn how to use Python and become fully capable of handling the core technical challenges in programming across various fields and industries.

Python Course in Hyderabad

Prominent Job-Roles for Python Programmers Listed in Hyderabad

Students who successfully complete our advanced Python Course in Hyderabad, will become full-fledged industry-ready experts. This learning program prepares the students to handle the diverse job-roles in this language like Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Web developer, Game Developer, Geo Statistician and several other technical job-roles. Prepare your career to face the new-world of rising career opportunities in the field by successfully completing our advanced training. This programming language is easy to learn and provides many built-in functions to make programming easier. Python also has many built-in features that make it ideal for specific tasks. Being a powerful programming language that has become ubiquitous in the big data and software development communities, there is a growing demand for skilled experts in this domain. As a part our course, we'll explore key concepts in Python, such as variables, functions, and terminals. We'll also provide some examples of how to use these tools to solve common problems. This makes it an ideal path for starting out as a programmer or for expanding your skill set.

Python Course in Hyderabad

How Much Salary Can You Expect After Completion of Python Certification in Hyderabad?

Students who successfully complete this course can expect a salary as high as Rs.3 to 7 lakhs per annum. Once you have attained sufficient experience, you can expect further high salary packages which would also be based on your technical skill sets that you would be developing along with your work experience. Getting Certified at Kelly Technologies will equip you with skills in the latest technical aspects of coding that would help you to flourish in your career in the preferred job-role.

What will you learn from this Python Course in Hyderabad Course Content?

By the end of this instructor led training course, aspirants will acquire In-Depth subject knowledge skills in every module. Diverse concepts of the Python that are included in this course include

  • Implementation of Basics and Advanced concepts
  • Enhances skills in implementation of core objects and file handling operations
  • Grasps knowledge in advanced analytics and data visualization using Python-pandas
  • Skills in developing algorithms and building of real-life applications
  • Leverages skills in OOP, Expression, data types and looping
  • Knowledge to use Python for writing and deploying Pig, UDF and Hive UDF
  • Enhances knowledge in Testing and debugging of multiple applications
  • Grasps knowledge in Regular Expression and Database Interface
  • Enhances knowledge in Package Installations and XLS, Json Parsing and Web Scraping
  • Real Time Industry-Based Projects

Who can Join this Python Institute in Hyderabad

This Python Training in Hyderabad Course is specially designed for budding programming career enthusiasts who wish to learn Python language. Enrolling in the Python course will also benefit

  • BI Managers and Project Managers
  • Software Developers and ETL Professionals
  • Analytical Professionals
  • Big Data Professionals
  • Network Professionals
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals
  • System Engineers
  • IT Professionals
  • Communication Professionals
  • Freshers and Graduates

How Python Is Distinct from Other Programming Languages?

The distinct applications of Python language are as a result of combination of multiple features which helps in gaining a competitive edge over other programming languages. Some of the benefits of programming language include:

  • Presence of Third-Party Modules
  • Extensive Support Libraries
  • Open Source and Community Development
  • Learning Ease and Support Available
  • User-friendly Data Structures
  • Productivity and Speed

Its’ the perfect time to step into the world of Python programming & to make the most out of the rising career opportunities in this platform. Build a successful career in programming with Kelly Technologies.

Why Career in Python Programming Should Be Your Preferred Career Option

Mastering the coding skills in Python has gone mainstream and the job role of a programmer has become a lucrative career option. Most of the revolutionary tech companies like Instagram, Netflix, Google, Spotify and many other companies rely on this language for most of their application development needs. Successful completion of our training program presents a clear path to finding job opportunities across the leading multinational companies.

Developing skills in this language can deliver endless career opportunities. Undoubtedly this is one of the best programming languages to learn if you want to upskill your career as a programmer. The core technical skills that you can develop by being a part of this program will help you face the industry challenges across the trending job roles like

  • Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Post this Python Training in Hyderabad course completion, students can apply for the programming job roles across the industry verticals or they can further tune their skills to become a data analytical professional. This authentic training program is the perfect platform for the aspirants who wish to learn Data Science. Knowledge in programming skills is a prerequisite to learn Data Science. If you are looking for the best Python learning classes then enrolling with us will help you develop the best knowledge. We offer a quality training program at an affordable fee. We do offer placement support.

Prerequisites of this Python Certification Course in Hyderabad

There are no particular prerequisites to join this Python Course in Hyderabad but basic knowledge in any of the programming languages will be a value advantage.

Why should you take Python Training in Hyderabad

Being an object-oriented programming language it is simple to learn and easy to deploy as well. This language can easily run-on various systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac. After the completion of this course, learners can easily work on Big Data Hadoop Environment for a very high salary package range.

“Enroll Now to Avail Our Python Free Demo Session”

Who Can Benefit from Classroom and Python Online Classes?

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language that is widely used in artificial intelligence, data science, finance, and web development. Because it is easy to learn and quick to write code in, Python is a valuable tool for those new to programming or those who need a more intuitive language for their projects. Additionally, the course program offers students the opportunity to develop their skills in areas such as data analysis and debugging techniques.

There are a variety of people who can benefit from taking the Python course program. These include beginners, those looking to learn more about programming, and professionals who need to know Python for their work. Python course program is an excellent option for anyone looking to gain proficiency in this powerful language as well as for those who want to expand their knowledge of computer programming in general.


Does This Python Learning Program Offer Real-Time Training?

Yes, the training delivery in this Python certification course is purely real-time job-centric. As a part of this Python course, the training team at our Python institute will be explaining various concepts by giving many real-world examples.

Will I Get to Work on Practical in this Python Institute in Hyderabad?

Yes, as a part of this Python Training in Hyderabad program, you will be given multiple projects to work on. This program works towards helping you develop real-world practical skill sets in programming. Complete our certification course from our best platform for Python in Hyderabad and secure a job with excellent packages. Programming in Python is a lot of fun and you learn to code practically.

Is this Python learning platform Ideal For Beginners?

Yes, this instructor led training course program is ideal for both beginners and professionals who wish to reach new career heights.

Will you give me placement assistance in this Python Certification course in Hyderabad?

Yes, as a part of our program, we will be extending our 100% support to our students in helping them get placed. We are the Best Python training institute in Hyderabad that offers top-notch training to the students in the key concepts along with excellent placement opportunities.

Do You Conduct Any Backup Sessions?

Yes, we will be conducting backup sessions to the students who miss any of the important classes.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of this course?

Yes, upon successful completion of this certification course, you will be given a course completion certificate.

Is this Python Training Course Fee is Affordable?

Yes, our course fee is very much affordable. Python training in Hyderabad provided by Kelly Technologies software training institute covers concepts from basics to advanced level topics. Join the Python certification course training and become a certified expert. This is also the best platform among IT fresher's. We offer quality training at affordable fee

Do You Provide Python Online Classes?

Yes, in addition to our classroom training, we do offer an online Python learning program with live classes. If you are looking for Python programming online then joining our Python online training institute in Hyderabad will be a smart choice. We undoubtedly offer the best online Python course in Hyderabad. Besides Python online course training, we also offer Python corporate training. 

Do You Conduct Any Webinar or Demo Sessions?

Yes, to help the aspirants get a clear idea about our Python Training in Hyderabad program & about the programming industry, we will be conducting frequent free demo & webinar sessions.

Python Course Reviews in Hyderabad

Python Course in Hyderabad

Python course at Kelly Technologies is quite satisfying. The course gives comprehensive understanding of this language with trainer focusing on real-time concepts. The faculty has in-depth knowledge of the subject with impressive presentation skills.

Python Course in Hyderabad

This is a very good institute for Python course. The real-time training here which focuses on practical project based learning gives full value to the fee paid. Faculty take you to the in depths of the subject making this course highly recommending.

Python Course in Hyderabad

I joined for Python Course program at Kelly Technologies after attending their demo session. The course follows a finely refined curriculum that covers the topics right from the basics to advanced topics. The training session is headed by real-time expert.


Python Online Training