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Innovative Data Science Job Roles That You’re Not Aware

The emergence of Big Data and analytical technologies has taken the industries across the verticals by storm. With more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated every hour, the demand for Data Science and other analytical technologies is on the surge. The application of Data Science can be seen in almost every industry and it helps the enterprises in exploring the benefits of their large reserves of Big Data.

Data Science has become a major game changes for many enterprises and so many companies are hiring the talented professionals in Data Science at large. Work towards becoming industry-ready in Data Science with our Data Science Training In Hyderabad program. 

Classification Of Data Scientist Job Roles-

The job roles of Data Scientists can b e categorized into two types namely

  • Product-Focused Job-Roles
  • Data Scientists For Business Intelligence

Product Focused Job-Roles:

  • Data Researcher

Professionals who are working in this job role have intense skills in statistics or the physical or social sciences. These professionals will be playing a crucial role in the development of applications involving Machine learning, Programming & Business Analytics.

  • Data Developer

These professionals are responsible for the process of resolving technical issues related to data handling. These professionals have strong expertise in the areas of Machine Learning and Programming but have limited knowledge in statistics skills.

  • Data Creatives

These professionals are having strong knowledge of Machine Learning, Big Data, Programming, and are responsible for making innovative outcomes from Big Data.

Data Scientists For Business Intelligence:

  • Exploratory Data Scientists

These professionals are responsible for the task of innovative product development through coordination of theory and exploratory research.

  • Operational Data Scientists

These professionals responsible for the task of empowering finance & sales teams and will also be playing a key role in the enterprises development process by carefully analyzing their business processes performance.  

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