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Amazon Web Services Object Storage Service

Amazon Web Services is the most prominent cloud computing platform in this age of Big Data. With more than a million user base, AWS is currently the undisputed global cloud industry leader. With more than a thousand different cloud solutions offerings, large scale enterprises, start-ups & individual users are extensively relying on the cloud solutions that are offered by AWS for their application and business needs.

When it comes to cloud based storage service, most of the enterprises look no further beyond the storage solutions that are offered by AWS. AWS cloud solutions are best trusted for their scalable and security features. When it comes to choosing the right storage service it is very important to consider data availability, durability, and performance & this is exactly where AWS cloud storage solutions are best at.

AWS Cloud Storage:

Availability relates to readily availability of storage volumes to deliver data to the users upon the request. Performance relates to IOPS or the amount of throughput which storage volume can deliver.

Speaking of storage services, AWS offers three different types of storage solutions namely object, block, and file storage.

Each storage service type in AWS has its own purpose of storage requirement & it presents users with flexible and cost effective storage options.

AWS Object Storage:

When it comes to object storage type, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is the most preferred storage solution. It is best preferred for storing unstructured data sets such as media content. Amazon S3 is a highly durable and general-purpose object based storage service type.

In Amazon S3, there are three different tiers of storage: one each for hot, warm, or cold data. Storing cold data involves low cost but it is a bit costlier when it comes accessing the data. This is also the most secured cloud based storage solution in AWS.

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