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Innovative Artificial Intelligence Applications To Watch Out In 2019

Artificial Intelligence can be interpreted as the subset of Artificial Intelligence which emphasizes towards the creating of smart machines that can perform tasks & learn from their previous experiences just like humans do. A Artificial Intelligence model can make use of advanced algorithms that can receive input data and use statistical analysis to predict the output.

No wonder the concept of Artificial Intelligence is quite fascinating. And also the applications of Artificial Intelligence technology are quite limit less. Now, let us have a look at some of the most astonishing applications of Artificial Intelligence technology that are in use today.

  • Image Recognition

If you are a smart phone user then you must be aware of its image recognition feature. Ever wondered which technology is running behind this image recognition feature? It’s none other than Artificial Intelligence. Image recognition is among the most common use cases of Artificial Intelligence technology. It accurately measures each & every pixel with higher degree of precision & makes use of advanced algorithms to recognize the image. It also helps in recognizing the faces of the people across various social media platforms.

  • Voice Recognition

Artificial Intelligence along with Machine Learning technology plays a key role in the applications for voice recognition. You might have come across a Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) which is nothing but the personal assistant which we are having in our smart phones. You can talk back to these virtual assistants & get the required task done or receive the information which you need. Artificial Intelligence & ML are the technologies that run behind in the most popular Virtual Personal Assistants like Alexa, Google Allo, Amazon Echo and many more.

  • Social Media Platforms

Ever wondered how social media platforms are able to provide their users with news feed and advertisement as per the user’s interest? The technology which the social media platforms makes use of for this application is Artificial Intelligence. The data generated by user which includes his likes & dislikes, places of interests & more is analyzed carefully by Artificial Intelligence algorithms which help these social media platforms to deliver ads & news feeds as per user interest.

Apart from these some of the other fascinating applications of Artificial Intelligence technology are Detecting Spam Malware, Smart Camera Surveillance, Fraud Detection & many more.

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