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A Clear Insight To Career In Data Analytics

If you are a Data Analytics career enthusiast who’s looking to secure their career in any of the leading analytics technologies then this post is for you.

Before beginning with the context let us first explain what exactly is Data Analytics for those who are new to this term.

Defining Data Analytics-

Data Analytics is the technology to collect and analyze the data and convert it into useful information. Data Analytics helps in predicting the future & drives data driven decision making which ensures success in any business. At present, Data Analytics is extensively being in various sectors like Business, IT & Corporate, Banking, Finance, Transportation, Research, Defence & as well as Government & several other sectors.

Education Required Building Career in Data Analytics:

To achieve success in your Data Analytics career it is very much important for the aspirants to leverage knowledge in the following aspects


Excel can be interpreted as a major basic tool for data analysis. With the help of Excel it becomes quite easy to explore, clean & analyze the data using built-in like pivot tables. Most of the Data Analytics experts prefer Excel over any other tools because of its calculations and its number of formulas which makes the process of analytics easier.


A skilled Data Analyst should clearly know how to represent his findings to others in easily understandable visual format. Tableau is the perfect tool which is in use in this regard. Having the presence of creative dashboards it makes the process of Data Visualization quite effective. Having extensive knowledge of Tableau will help you to stand firmly in Data Analytics work.

SQL Knowledge-

Skills in SQL are must to have in the inventory of a Data Analyst.  Unlike Excel, SQL doesn’t have any limitation. And also as most of the data gets stored in the data warehouses, DBs & Big Data which makes it as a necessity to have knowledge of any query language for sorting out this messy data. SQL is the perfect fit for this job.


A certification in analytics course is a must to secure a job in top MNC companies.

Career Path in Analytics:

 The most in-demand Analytics job roles in the present time are

  • Data Scientist
  • Artificial Intelligence Expert
  • Machine Learning Engineer

These are among the highest paying job roles in the analytics technology today & each require extensive skill sets & vast knowledge in advanced tools & algorithms.

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