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How DevOps Is Building Agile Organizations- Towards Agile Transformation

In response to the stiff competitive environment, enterprises these days are working towards building a sustainable operational framework which can help them to quickly respond & adapt to changing business conditions. They are adapting to advanced business strategies that can reduce valuable time to market to maintain business value proposition.

This is where DevOps comes to the play. By adapting DevOps strategies enterprises can work towards successfully building this dynamic business framework. And as DevOps emphasizes the need for agility & collaboration between the development & operation team & with automation in software development and deployment process it aims towards building a culture shift within the enterprise.

Towards Agile Transformation-

To make the enterprises become agile DevOps emphasizes towards developing the following technical capabilities

  • Deploy all the product increments as per the changing customer requirements
  • Deploy software continuously throughout the product development & testing life cycle
  • Should deploy automation wherever possible for a faster & better production outcomes
  • Reduce downtime and overall cost of operations through continuous monitoring and control

Benefits of Being Agile With DevOps-

The potential benefits which the enterprises can avail with agile methods for DevOps are

  • Deliver Early & Often

Enterprises that adopt traditional waterfall-based approach will see the results at the end that too if the approach is successful thereby brining an uncertainty in achieving the desired end results. Conversely, agile projects are akin to financial options that can be exercised via early deployment when conditions warrant. Put differently, organizations can realize benefits far earlier than with waterfall methods.

  • Detect Errors Earlier

With DevOps agile approach enterprises can detect errors in the software development process much earlier owning to continuous testing throughout the development life cycle.

  • Facilitate Collaboration Among DevOps & Different Lines Of Business

Agile methods can foster better working relationships between the teams involved in the product development process right from the scratch to the final product delivery. This enables them to work towards achieving the desired results with their collaborated work approach.

Through agile & DevOps enterprises can also be benefited through greater visibility & transparency.

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