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Microsoft Azure VS Amazon Web Services-Key Differences

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are among the most renowned cloud based service providers. Each has its own specific features that distinguish them from their respective competitors. Both these cloud service providers are striving towards gaining a competitive edge over each other and as the battle between Azure and AWS is heated, so we decided to see how they measure up.

In this blog post we are going to explain the key differences between Azure & AWS cloud technologies

  • Compute Power

AWS– AWS lets its users to configure their own VMs or choose pre-configured machine images, or customize MIs. Starting from the size & computing power to handling memory capacity and number of VMs lies in the hands of the users.

Azure– Microsoft Azure makes use of Machine Instance equivalent Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) to create a VM. VHD can be pre-configured by Microsoft, the user or a third party. The user must specify the amount of cores and memory.

  • Storage

AWS-AWS supports temporary storages which are allocated whenever an instance is started and gets destroyed when the instance is terminated. Also it supports block storage which can be separate or attached to an instance. AWS support relational and NoSQL databases and Big Data.

Azure- Azure also offers temporary storage through D drive, block storage through Page Blobs for VMs. It also supports NoSQL and Big Data through Azure Table and HDInsight. Users can also be benefited from other storage features like site recovery, Import Export and Azure Backup for additional archiving and recovery options.

  • Pricing Models

AWS- Amazon supports on demand pricing model which lets its users to pay only for what they use. There will not be any upfront cost.

Azure- Microsoft’s pricing is also pay-as-you-go, but the prime difference is that they charge their users per minute. There’s no doubt this is a more exact pricing model. Also, users can make the most out of the short commitments like pre-paid or monthly charges.

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