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How Data Science Is Impacting The Retail Industry?

The ongoing process of global digitization has made data emerge as the most powerful resource for any industry. Enterprises that deal with huge volumes of Big Data reserves are working towards analyzing this data to make the most out of it.

By now, everyone must be clearly aware of the fact that the insights from the Big Data will be playing a crucial role in the decision making process of any enterprise. Also the insights from the data will be playing a crucial role for influencing or rather manipulating the customers’ decisions. This can be made possible with the advanced analytical & predictive models in Data Science & ML technologies. Join us for our real-time Data Science Training In Hyderabad program to get a clear idea of how Data Science models Big Data into a valuable commodity for businesses.

In this blog, let’s discuss about how the retail industry is being influenced by Data Science.

Recommendation Engines-

Data Science recommender systems are the best tools for understanding the customers’ behavior patterns. Recommendation engines analyze the users’ historical data & helps retailers to better target their customers to improve their sales. These systems will be using either a collaborative filtering technique or a content-based filtering technique.

Price Optimization-

The prime optimization model in Data Science is a lot helpful for the retail enterprises in setting the price for their products. If the products’ price is an accordance with both the customer & the retailer with other factors at their optimum levels then there’s no doubt the product would be a hit. This model makes use of data which is collected from multiple sources help in defining the flexibility of prices.

The price optimization model takes multiple factors into consideration like the location, customers buying capacity & their particular interest over a product and it also considers the competitors price for that product.

Customer Sentiment Analysis-

Analysis of customers’ sentiments is taken into consideration in the retail industry even before the advent of a Data Science. Previously this process used to be a lot expensive & time taking but this isn’t the case with the advent of Data Science. By making use of advanced algorithms in Machine Learning, Data Science paves way for accurate sentiment analysis.

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