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AWS Management Services

Amazon Web Services is a top-notch cloud service provider & it is currently the industry leader in the cloud domain. AWS offers in services in all the three platforms namely Iaas, PaaS & SaaS. Amazon Web Services delivers more number of services that any other service provider in this industry. The quality in its services & its security measures also at a step higher level from its respective competitors. AWS extends its services for infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases to advanced AI, ML & also IoT.  

The pricing model which AWS follows is a pay-per-use model where the user will be paying only for the service which he has used over a particular period. There’s no wonder why AWS services are high in-demand. Build strong foundation knowledge of AWS by joining for the Best AWS Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.


With the help of Cloud watch, monitoring the AWS cloud environments becomes a lot easier. This feature also lets users to set alarms depending on various metrics.


With CloudFormation, you can easily turn any infrastructure into cloud. It has many templates using which users can set up a complete production environment in just a few minutes.


 AWS cloudTrail lets user to audit their AWS resources. It stores the records of all the changes that are previously made by the user.


With AWS OpsWorks, uses can integrate automated DevOps tools in their AWS environment.


With this service, the uses cloud environment setup is monitored by AWS. Whenever users’ sends any break certain defined configurations it will be sending alerts informing the same.

AWS Auto Scaling-

It is with this feature that AWS allows its users to scale the power of the services up & down based on their requirements.

Service Catalog-

This service works towards authorizing enterprises about which services user will be used and which won’t.

Systems Manager-

With AWS System manager, identifying the issues in the cloud becomes a lot easier & it also lets users to group their resources.

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