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DevOps vs. Agile-Understanding The Key Differences

Both DevOps & Agile are the set of practices in the organizations’ software/application development process. Before getting started to know about the difference between the two terms, let’s first understand what exactly does DevOps & Agile mean?

What is DevOps?

DevOps can be interpreted as an advanced software development methodology that focuses on achieving better communication and collaboration among IT software development (Dev) & operation (Ops) teams. By deploying the DevOps software delivery practices in the enterprises’ software/application delivery workflow, organizations can deploy code to production faster & can release updates more frequently. With the advent of DevOps, the relation between the cross-functional teams in software/application delivery is no longer soiled & the teams will be working in collaboration towards achieving the shared goals & responsibilities. 

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What is Agile?

This approach involves a continuous iteration of the process involving the development and testing operations in the enterprises’ application delivery process. Different processes in development are broken down into individual tasks & once these tasks are successfully executed, they are finally integrated before the testing process.

Now, let’s have a look at the differences in DevOps & Agile software/application delivery processes.

Differences In DevOps & Agile Approaches-

  • DevOps is a software delivery approach that emphasizes getting the cross-functional teams to work collaboratively, whereas the Agile approach work towards breaking down the development process into individual tasks.
  • Inside the DevOps software delivery approach, automation tools are used to achieve continuous testing and monitoring, whereas the Agile process focuses on achieving constant changes.
  • The process in DevOps requires large teams for its effective function, whereas Agile approaches can be easily managed with small teams.
  • The major objective of DevOps is to achieve Continuous Software Development, whereas the Agile approach aims to achieve rapid delivery.
  • DevOps works towards achieving agility in operational processes & agile approach focus on achieving agility in the functional & non-functional processes.

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