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Amazon Web Services-Overview Of Security

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most profitable cloud computing platform by Amazon Company. AWS is best known for delivered scalable cloud solutions for users at affordable prices. AWS offers 100+ services over the cloud that assists its customers in developing & running applications of all types. AWS cloud solutions are also best known for their security features that ensure safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their customers’ sensitive data.

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Now, let’s get a clear idea of the advanced security measures in AWS.

Shared Security Responsibility Model In AWS-

Before understanding the security models offered by AWS, one should know about its shared security responsibilities. Whenever users migrate their data over the cloud, the security responsibilities gets shared between the users & cloud service provider here, in this case, its AWS.

AWS takes care of all the security needs related to the infrastructure management that supports the cloud. This security approach not only diminishes the burden from the users in managing the infrastructure & also increases the overall default security posture. 

Data Protection-

With the secured cloud solutions offered by AWS, sensitive data of its users are safeguarded from any form of unauthorized access. The data protection models by AWS provides advanced encryption and threat detection features that continuously monitor the sensitive data of its users & safeguard it from all forms of unforeseen threats.

Identity & Access Management-

With Amazon Web Services Identity & Access Management Service, users can securely manage identities, resources, and allocate the required authorizations at scale. AWS Access Management service lets users quickly manage & access their workloads and applications from any location by using the internet.

Continuous Monitoring & Data Privacy-

AWS continuously monitors its network activity along with its users’ account behavior to detect any form of unusual behavior & detect all forms of threats. By making use of automated compliance checks, AWS ensures continuous monitoring of its cloud environment.

The security features in AWS are also updated frequently from time to time & this is one of the reasons why AWS is best trusted as the most secured cloud service provider. Get to know more in-depth about the security features offered by AWS by joining for the real-time AWS training program offered by Kelly Technologies.

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