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Business Applications Of Data Science VS Data Analytics

The concepts of Data Science & Data Analytics haven’t evolved overnight. With these platforms analyzing, computing and storing data have become much efficient that we can now predict outcomes in minutes.

Before getting into the applications let us first understand what exactly that terms Data Science & Data Analytics mean.

Data Science-

Data Science can be interpreted as a multidisciplinary field which makes use of advanced methodologies & analytic techniques to extract insights that are encrypted inside the big data.

Data Analytics-

Data Analytics primary focus is set towards processing and performing statistical analysis on existing datasets

Business Applications Of Data Science-

Here’s how Data Science can add a value to any business

  • By adapting to Data Science companies can get to understand their customers more in a more effective way thereby it empowers customer engagement.
  • By accurately analyzing the data with Data Science models it becomes a lot easier for the companies to achieve their brand goals 
  • Big Data which is created across different fields including health, travel, education, and more can be accurately analyzed with Data Science which to contribute to various satisfying various business needs.
  • By analyzing data with Data Science companies can work towards taking their brand to the next level with a superior customer engagement
  • Data Science can help the financial companies through fraud detection & risk management

Business Applications of Data Analytics-

Here’s how Data Analytics can add a value to any business

  • With Data Analytics, It becomes a lot easier to detect and correct the errors in the data & thereby it improves the quality of data.
  • It also helps the organizations by protecting them frauds.
  • With Data Analytics insurance companies can take the analysis of customer demographics can help insurers improve on customer experience depending on customer behaviour and proven insights.
  • Data analytics applications help in the optimization of traveller’s buying experience via social media and mobile/weblog data analysis.

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