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The Perks Of Being A Data Scientist | Benefits Of Career In Data Science

The Perks Of Being A Data Scientist | Benefits Of Career In Data Science

Data Science relates to the process of interacting with the data to extract valuable insights that are encrypted inside it. The Data Science process includes extracting, analyzing, visualizing, managing and storing data to create insights. These insights empower companies with accurate data driven decisions.

At present the job-role of a Data Scientist is like a hot cake & is being termed as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Also, the job vacancies in Data Science are quite abundant & offer relatively high salary packages compared to other IT profession. In this blog post let’s discuss the perks of opting for a career as a Data Scientist.

Benefits Of Career In Data Science-

The numerous benefits which you can avail by opting for a career in Data Science as a Data Scientist are

  • It’s The Hottest Job In Demand

Data Scientist is one among the most in-demand job roles in the present time. As per the experts prediction, the global job vacancies in Data Science are expected to reach 11.5 million by 2026. So there’s no doubt that Data Science is going to become a highly employable job sector with unlimited opportunities for career growth & development.

  • Impressive Salary Packages

Owing the skyrocketing demand for Data Science, the job role of a Data Scientist has become one among the highest paid professions. According to Glassdoor, Data Scientists make an average of $116,100 per year.

  • Data Science is Versatile

The demand for Data Science is felt by the many industries across multiple sectors & also, its applications are not just limited to one particular sector.  At present, Data Science applications are widely used in health-care, banking, consultancy services, government, space-research, telecommunication, automobile & e-commerce industries. So, being a versatile field Data Scientists will have the opportunity to work in various fields.

  • Hired By The Top Companies

Skilled Data Scientists are readily hired by the top multinational companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Infosys & by the leading start-ups & e-commerce companies as well.

Startups-Ola cabs, Uber, Housing & others

Ecommerce-Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon & others

Product Based MNCs– Microsoft, VMware, Honeywell & others

Service Based Analytics Company– Mu-Sigma, Vizury, Fractal Analytics, Impetus, TCS & others

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