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Why Python Is The Most Preferred Language To Learn For Data Science?

According to recent studies, Python has been voted as the most preferred language for Data Science by Data Scientists. In order to execute Data Science analytics models it requires the use of a programming language which is having a set of decent library availability and great community participation. It is a well known fact that projects which have inactive communities are less likely to maintain or update their platforms & clearly this isn’t the case with Python.

Aspirants who wish to excel in their career as a Data Scientist would require extensive knowledge of programming language. Aspiring Data Scientists are having many options to learn in this regard like Java, Python, Scala, MATLAB, and R.  Owing to its easy to learn nature, Python is more likely to be preferred by the Data Science aspirants.

Top Reasons For Why Python Is The Best Preferred Language For Data Science

  • Easy to Learn

Python’s programming is most elegant & is easy to read & program the code & execute. If you are a novice in programming then there’s nothing to be worried about as one can learn to code quickly with Python. Its easy to learn nature has made it the first choice for working professionals who are willing to learn Data Science but are having limited time.

  • Large Community

This is also a primary reason for the rise in the prominence for Python. As Python is adopted by a large number of people across the Data science community, more users are volunteering by creating additional data science libraries. This simply results in the development of more sophisticated tools and advanced processing techniques. This is the reason why Python is the most preferred language for Data Science.   

  • Choice Of Data Science Libraries

Python has the presence of collection of numerous libraries. Python has the access to many types of Data Analysis and Data Science libraries like pandas, NumPy, SciPy, StatsModels, and scikit-learn. 

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