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Data Science & Machine Learning Tools For Non-Programmers

The constant rise in the generation of data has led to the rise in the demand for the analytics technologies like Machine Learning and Data Science. Professionals who are very well skilled in handling all the core challenges of this technology are very much in-demand & are paid exclusively high salaries.

If you are from a non-programming background & wish to secure your career in any of the rising analytics technologies then this blog is just for you. You can step into the technology of Data Science without much of prior programming experience. Read ahead to know how

There are several tools in Data Science & Machine Learning technologies that don’t require much of programming experience. Let’s have a look at them

  • Tableau

Tableau is regarded as the best tool in use for the process of Data Visualization. With the help of creative dashboards which are supported by Tableau it becomes possible to depict the findings from the data in attractive visual formats.

Tableau can also perform data analysis and exploration

Advanced Features Of Tableau:

  • Connecting across multiple data sources is a lot easier with Tableau
  • It helps in visualizing massive data sets so that we analysts can find the unknown correlations and uncover hidden patterns
  • Creating customized report becomes easier with effective dashboards
  • It has simple drag-and-drop feature that helps in extracting useful insights from the data and also performs data analysis
  • RapidMiner

RapidMiner is one of the predominantly used Data Science and Machine Learning tools by both fresher & experienced Data Scientists. This tool helps Data Scientists in performing end-to-end data management tasks like data processing to data modeling and deployment.

RapidMiner is the best tool to get started with in the Data Science process if you are from a non-programming background.

Advanced Features Of RapidMiner:

  • It can generate visual programming environment
  • Can be integrated with Hadoop framework for data mining and analysis
  • Supports multiple data management applications

As the career opportunities in these advanced analytics technologies are on the rise, this is the perfect time to step into this platform. Be a part of the advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies & become a top-notch Data Science professional with hands-on knowledge of relevant skills & attributes.

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