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What Makes Python The Best Suited Programming Language for Data Science?

Data Science is an umbrella term that comprises of different techniques, concepts and technologies. Programming will also be playing a crucial role in the applications of Data Science along with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies. Among the different programming languages, both Python and R are among the most extensively used programming language for Data Science. Python is the most loved programming language by a majority of Data Scientists and there are multiple reasons for the rising popularity of Python. If you are a novice in programming but wish to learn Data Science, then our Data Science Training in Hyderabad can help in mastering Data Science the skills right from the basics of Statistics and Programming to advanced AI & ML basics.

Now, let’s explore the reasons that make Python the most preferred programming language for Data Science.

Top Reasons why Python is Best Fit for Data Science:

  • Simple and Consistent

Python is a versatile language with a simple coding syntax. Several complex lines of code can be simplified into two or three lines of code using Python language thus it greatly reduces the complexity of the code. With Python, users doesn’t have deal with the technical nuances that are associated with any other programming language.

  • Extensive Libraries & Frameworks

There exists numerous libraries and frameworks in Python that support data modeling operations in Data Science. For instance, NumPy in Python is used for high-performance scientific computing and data analysis and Pandas is used for general-purpose data analysis

  • Platform Independent Language

Besides being open source in nature, Python is also a Platform independent language. This means Developers can perform their work across different machines.

Python also has a huge community base and so we can expect updates very frequently. These aspects make Python as the most preferred language by Data Scientists. Our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program lets you master skills in Data Science from the basics of Python to advanced concepts.

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