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List of the Most Widely Used DevOps Open Source Build Tools

DevOps is an advanced software delivery culture that helps enterprises in achieving continuous software delivery, optimized resource management and several other benefits.  These benefits can be achieved by using automation tools, scripts, and build tools. Each and every tool that is used in DevOps has a specific purpose and help users in accomplishing their software development tasks.

If you are working on automated testing operations that Build tools are the perfect option to use. With Build tools like Maven, Gradle, SBT and tools, we can easily create artifacts that help in reviewing a group of people at the team’s workstation. The best thing about using automated and build tools are that multiple test cases can be simultaneously executed using them. You can know more in-depth about DevOps build tools with our DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s look at the list of the top DevOps open source build tools

DevOps Open Source Build Tools:

  • Scala oriented Build Tool (SBT)

SBT is very much compatible with multiple programming languages like Scala, Java, and others.  This build tool is specifically designed for Scala and Java based projects

  • Gradle

Building projects is a lot easier with Gradle. This build tool completely eliminates the use of XML as a part of the build script generation. This build tool uses a domain-specific language based on Groovy.

  • Apache Maven

Besides being a build tool, Apache Maven also acts as a software project management tool. Managing project’s build, reporting, and documentation processes is a lot easier with this tool.

With knowledge of core automation & build tools in DevOps, you can expect salary packages as high as $137,000 to $180,000 & you can build expertise in these areas of DevOps with our DevOps Course in Hyderabad. 


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