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What Makes DevOps Different?

Most of the people often agree on the fact that it is hard to define DevOps as it means different things to different people. Speaking of DevOps, everyone’s clearly aware of the fact that DevOps emphasizes towards delivering more, higher quality IT innovation to the end user faster. As a matter of fact, this has been the actual goal of every enterprise in the IT domain for many years. So the question that immediately strikes in your mind is “What’s different about DevOps?” or: “Why there’s so much hype around DevOps?”

Now, let’s work towards understanding this in-detail. Also work towards building your career in DevOps by joining for the best DevOps Training in Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

Better Handling Of The Competition In The Market-

The stiff competition in the market has made it mandatory for the enterprises to deliver products in the market more rapidly. This has kept the developers under a lot of pressure as they need to deliver more innovation in the products as per the end users needs within a very short time span.  

It is the role of the IT operations teams to keep the infrastructure more stable. In addition to these, enterprises have to work towards completely transforming their work approach as in this existing system, all the teams are used to work in isolation or as silos which leads to poor communication between them.

The Prevalence Of Agile And ITIL-

 By brining the term Agile in the workforce, DevOps has helped the enterprises to come out form the age-old waterfall type of project development approach to more iterative and enabled form at a vastly improved cadence. DevOps emphasizes towards the development of processes or systems that support the release of these iterations in a controlled and predictable manner. Most of the automation tools would be playing a crucial role in this regard, as they offer a better control and compliance.

What People Want Achieve When They Implement DevOps?

Since the beginning of DevOps, there have been a set of goals which enterprises strive to achieve as a part of their DevOps development phase. These goals include

  • Release On Demand
  • Eliminate Technical Debt And Unplanned Work
  • Fail Smart/Fast/Safe
  • Look “Outside-In”
  • Measure Feature Value

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