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What are the Prominent Components of Data Science?

Data Science is an advanced field in the area of computer science that deals with deep study of the large sets of structured and unstructured data. Data Science works towards extracting actionable insights from raw data by making use of multiple techniques, technologies, and algorithms. The meaningful insights that are extracted from data can be used for strategic decision making.

Data Science is referred to as an umbrella term that makes use of powerful hardware, programming languages, and advanced algorithms to obtain solutions to complex data related challenges. Advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are also incorporated into Data Science. In short, the field of Data Science is all about

  • Analyzing data to find solution to complex queries
  • Modelling the information using sophisticated algorithms
  • Predicting the future events using Machine Learning predictive models
  • Helping stakeholders in making accurate strategic decisions & solve critical data related problems

Prominent Data Science Components:

  • Statistics

Statistical modeling will be playing a crucial role in Data Science. Data Scientists makes use of advanced statistical models to collect and analyze the numerical information. Statistics helps Data Scientists to make sense out of data sets.

  • Domain Expertise

As Data Science is an interdisciplinary field, it makes use of several techniques and technologies. So, Data Scientists need to develop skills in varied areas to obtain domain expertise. You can develop domain expertise in Data Science with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

  • Data Engineering

This technique involves multiple aspects like collecting, storing, retrieving, and remodelling the data.

  • Data Visualization

The process of presenting the insights extracted from data into attractive visuals is Data Visualization. This approach makes it easy for stakeholders to better understand the insights explored from Big Data.

  • Machine Learning

Machine Learning can be interpreted as the backbone of Data Science. Advanced Machine Learning algorithms trains data models to predict insights from Big Data.

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