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AWS Integration with Salesforce

Much of what we know about AWS can be divided into three main areas: the public cloud, private clouds, and the cloud-as-a-service (AWS). you can create an endpoint for AWS API Gateway that calls AWS lambda functions, which then drag and modify an image from the AWS S3 bucket. Enterprises can also benefit from AWS Elastic Beanstalk to develop email-enabled applications.

Companies that are using AWS can avail better business opportunities to evolve by converging AWS with Salesforce. This integration will present companies with opportunities better interact with their customers by incorporating data about their clients. You can know about the AWS and Salesforce integration process with our AWS Training in Hyderabad program.

AWS & Salesforce integration:

One of the most critical aspects of AWS and Salesforce is data. This makes data the most valuable component that enterprises need to safeguard at any cost. Enterprises need to develop a secured and private access that doesn’t require the need to cross the Internet. This aspect relies on the applications which they have hosted on AWS and Salesforce.

Integrating Salesforce & AWS can help enterprises in enhancing their consumer interactions. Data generated from AWS and Salesforce tools can be analyzed using Data Mining and Deep Learning methods. The insights that are generated from this approach can help enterprises in making accurate decisions about their customer interaction process. This way, companies can have access to actionable insights from real-time. 

As we all know that AWS offers the best cost efficient cloud based storage service in the name of Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). All the data that gets stored in this storage platform can be carefully analyzed using Salesforce CRM. You can know more in-depth about AWS and Salesforce integration with AWS Course in Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

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