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Understanding The Security Services In AWS

Most of you must be clearly aware of the term ‘Cloud Computing’ & ‘AWS’. If you are new to these terms, let’s help you in understanding them. The term Cloud Computing relates to storing the data over the internet & accessing it whenever need. These days have long gone where data is stored in physical devices like hard drives, floppy disks or pen drives. The best feature of storing your data in the cloud is that it lets you access this data from any remote location.

What Is Amazon Web Services?

AWS is a renowned platform that delivers on-demand cloud services to the clients. AWS is best known for its flexible, reliable, scalable, and lost cost cloud services to the users.

At the present time, AWS is the cloud industry leader & is also the largest cloud industry share holder in the IaaS platform. Work toward becoming an industry leader in this trending technology of the cloud by joining for the Best AWS Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s have a look at the various Security Services offered by AWS as a part of their cloud services

IAM (Identity and Access Management)-

With IAM, you can easily manage multiple users & forming groups, assign policies and more. IAM is a high-end security service by AWS.


Inspector is an advanced security services offered by AWS which can be easily installed on the users systems. It is like an agent that helps in reporting any form of threats & security vulnerabilities.

Certificate Manager-

Users domain which are managed by Route53 are allocated free SSL certificate by this service.

Web Application Firewall-

WAF is an advanced security service offered by AWS to deliver application-level protection. It also extends protection from all forms of block cross-site scripting attacks.

Cloud Directory-

AWS has got the best security service that helps users in managing their data of multiple types & in multiple dimensions.

Key Management Service-

With this managed service, user can build & control their encryption keys using which they can encrypt their data.

Get to know more in-depth about the AWS Security Services with the help of experts training at our Kelly Technologies AWs training program.

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