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Understanding The Concept Of Text Mining

Text Mining is an advanced concept in Data Science Text Mining which deals with the process of analyzing and processing unstructured data. Digitization which is being considered as a major industry revolution has resulted in the generation of abundant data which gets stored across warehouses, cloud platforms and several other sources. Data is being generated at a rapid speed exceeding the expectation of everyone. Handling data has become a major challenge for the companies and organizations. Processing text data with age-old tools is no longer a valid approach. This is where text mining applications, text mining tools, and text mining techniques come in. 

What Exactly Is Text Mining?

Text Mining can be interpreted as the process of extracting insights from the data which is in text format.  Simply, the process of text mining is all about interpreting with large ses of unstructured data to extract insights, uncover unknown patterns and insights required for exploring textual data sources.

The Fundamental Steps Involved In Text Mining-

In general, the process of Text Mining involves five different steps. Let’s have a look at them

  • The first step involves collecting the needful text data from multiple sources like plain text, web pages, social media sites, emails, etc,.
  • As most of the data which is collected in from multiple sources remains unstructured, it needs to be cleaned so as to eliminate any anomalies from the data. So, the second step involves performing pre-processing and cleansing operations. Data cleansing is a crucial step in the process of text mining as it helps in exploring & retaining valuable information which is encrypted inside the text data.
  • Advanced text mining tools and text mining applications are used in the process for accurate results.
  • The next step involves converting all the relevant information from unstructured format to structured format
  • In the next step, the patterns within the data are carefully analyzed with the help of an advanced Management Information System (MIS).
  • The obtained information is the collected & stored in a secured database. This extracted information from the text data is very crucial in driving the trend analysis and in enhances the ability to take accurate decisions.

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