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Types Of Artificial Intelligence Based On Capabilities

Most of the experts have coined the present age of 21st century as the age of Artificial Intelligence. AI has nowadays become an integral part of our everyday life & it’s high time for everyone to understand the different concepts of Artificial Intelligence

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In this blog post, let’s discuss about the different types of Artificial Intelligence based capabilities

  • Weak AI Or Narrow AI

Narrow AI is a type of AI which can only perform only certain dedicated tasks with intelligence. The present AI which we are now seeing around us is nothing but Narrow AI. It has certain set of limitations & cannot perform beyond these limitations. These systems are trained to perform specific tasks. The best examples in use for this type of AI are Apple Siri & IBM’s Watson supercomputer.

Both Machine Learning & NLP technologies play a crucial role in this form of AI. Systems that play chess, recommender systems in ecommerce sites, self-driving cars, are the best examples for Narrow AI.

  • General AI

This comparatively advanced from of AI than Narrow AI. Machine with General AI can perform any intellectual tasks with good precision levels just like our humans. General AI is developed with the prime idea of building systems that can function similar to our human brain. This form of AI is still under research. A lot of research work is being carried around the world to develop smart machines with General AI.

  • Super AI

Super AI is a foremost form of AI in which the system intelligence could surpass human intelligence. Machines with this form of AI are expected to excel humans in performing any type of tasks no matter how complex they might be.

Machines with this form of AI would be having the ability to think, to reason, make accurate judgments, and are capable of having many more skills. These machines could communicate just like us. Super AI is still a hypothetical concept of Artificial Intelligence.

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