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Busting The Top 5 Myths In DevOps

The ongoing popularity & demand for DevOps isn’t new for anyone. Many enterprises around the world have embraced the DevOps culture & claim to be doing DevOps, but is that actually the case? As everyone has their own meaning for DevOps, this greatly effects how DevOps operates within a team or company.

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Speaking of DevOps, there are a lot of misconceptions that are doing rounds. Here below are some of the most commonly associated misconceptions in relation to DevOps.

DevOps = Dev + Ops-

Since the beginning of DevOps, industry is of the opinion that both Dev and Ops have to work together throughout the software delivery lifecycle. This is nothing but a big misconception. If we go with their definition of DevOps, then both testing & security terms would be missing. As a result, the DevOps teams would start treating testing as a secondary task and as a result, quality is not as high as it could be.

Some of the enterprises have started embracing DevSecOps to ensure that security is addressed adequately throughout the lifecycle.

It’s All About Tooling-

Most of the enterprises have a misconception that embracing DevOps culture means they need to embrace new set of tools. DevOps. They are of the misconception that by simply procuring a tool, they tend to assume that they are “doing DevOps.” As there are over several thousands of tools trying to build the perfect DevOps pipeline would take a lot of time & by the time you have finished building it, there is a chance of chaining it by more than 50% owing to the rapid changes that usually takes place in the ecosystem.

The Cloud Is Needed To Do DevOps

Most of the enterprises believe that in order to successfully embrace the DevOps culture, they need to integrate “the cloud” along with the DevOps practices. This is just a misconception. The thing which we need to realize here is that DevOps isn’t restricted to a particular infrastructure or business type, hence, this coupling is completely fictional.

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