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Top Reasons Why DevOps Matter A Lot-Explained

DevOps is an innovative culture which emphasizes towards achieving coordination & collaboration between the development teams and processes to complement software development. The prime reason that has led to the colossal demand for DevOps is that it allows enterprises to deliver products to the market at a faster pace than traditional software development methods.

The popularity of DevOps is increasing significantly from the past five years. If we consider the implementation of DevOps most of the surveys convey that as of 2018 74 percent of global organizations adopted DevOps which was under 64 percent in the year 2016. The demand for DevOps is growing progressively with time.

Let us has a look at the reasons why DevOps matter a lot

  • Shorter Development Cycles, Faster Innovation

Most of the enterprises would be finding it difficult to tell whether the application in development is operational if response from the development and operations teams remains biased.

With the implementation of DevOps both the development and operations teams will put a combined effort which enables the applications to be ready to use more quickly. This greatly enhances the enterprises ability to innovate faster than their competitors.

  • Reduce Implementation Failure, Reflections & Recovery Time

The prime reason for the occurrence of implementation failure that occurs in the enterprises is due to programming defects. This is where DevOps comes into the play. DevOps promotes frequent code versions through decreased deployment lifecycle. This enables the team to detect code defects quite a lot easier. Thereby making use of agile programming principles the teams can work towards reducing the number of implementation failures through systemic & collaborative programming approach.

They can also diminish the recovery time with collaborative work approach.

  • Greater Competencies

DevOps emphasizes towards creating automated workforce that can help in accelerating development and makes it less prone to errors. Also, the overall testing process can be automated with Continuous integration servers thereby reducing the amount of manual work required.

This enables the software teams to set their focus towards working on operations that cannot be  Owing to the numerous benefits of DevOps implementation it has now become a matter of great importance for enterprises & business across IT & Corporate sectors

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