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Reasons For The Rise In The Prominence Of Hadoop In The World Of Big Data

The ongoing process of global digitalization has given rise to a complex problem which is effective management of enormous data levels also known as the Big Data. This problem includes the inability to store massive amounts of data, delay in effective processing of clusters of data and also the inability to extract valuable insights from the data.

Hadoop has emerged out as the perfect solution for all these major problems in the domain of Big Data.  In response to its preciseness in handling the most of the Big Data complexities it has been deemed as the most efficient data management system.

Let’s have a clear look at the functionality of Hadoop

Functionality Of Hadoop-

Hadoop follows a predefined set of guiding principles and methodologies that contribute to the techniques for effective data management. It has attained the best tools and algorithms with the help of which storing and processing of enormous sets of data (no matter how much complex and ambiguous the performing data may be) has become highly possible. Hadoop’s functioning frameworks makes these complex tasks a lot easier. 

Let’s have a look at Hadoop functioning frameworks.

Some Of The Hadoop Functioning Frameworks Are:

  • Hadoop Common

 Has the presence of common utilities that support the other Hadoop modules

  • Hadoop Distributed File System

Helps in accessing different applications data by proviing high throughput

  • Hadoop YARN

Framework used for the cluster resource management

  • Hadoop MapReduce

Used for parallel processing of enormous sets of data

Extreme Features Of Hadoop Big Data Management System-

Let’s have look at the most extreme features of Hadoop Big Data Management System that have lead to the rise in its effective demand

  • The ability to score enormous sets of data
  • High computing power
  • Full tolerance towards hardware failures
  • Highly flexible
  • Higher degree of scalability
  • Low cost management

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