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Standard Tools In Data Science For Different Analytical Operations

The prominence of Data Science in the field of Business Intelligence is very well known to everyone. As Big Data is being generated in large volumes, Data Science has become the need of the hour as it helps the enterprises in maximizing the benefits out of their Big Data reserves to the full potential. There are several advanced tools in Data Science that empower Data Scientists to make accurate interpretations out of Big Data irrespective of its size & format. Prominent techniques in Data Science starting from Data Mining, Data Storing, Data Processing, Data Modeling to Data Visualization & Predictive Analysis, every technique relies on the usage of analytical tools. 

So, having intense knowledge of data modeling & other advanced analytical tools is very crucial for Data Scientists. You can develop skills in relation to handling advanced tools & techniques in Data Science by being a part of our real-time & complete hands-on Data Science Training In Hyderabad program. Now, let’s know about the most prominent tools that Data Scientists rely on for various analytical operations. 

Essential Data Science Tools-

  • Data Sourcing

The process of collecting data from different sources is known as Data Sourcing or Data Extraction. MongoDB, Hadoop HDFS, Riak, SAP, Cassandra, Redis, etc. are the best tools in use for this approach. 

  • Data Storing

Most of the Data Scientists rely on tools like Oracle, SAP Sybase, MySql, Apache HBase, Neo4j for Data Storing operations.

  • Data Transformation

 Speaking of Data Transformation, the best tool in use is Apache Hive

  • Data Modeling

The best tool currently in use for the execution of Data Modeling operations is Python. It has a number of libraries & packages that support execution of analytical operations on Big Data. Apart from Python, other tools like R, SAS, Julia, Rapid Miner, Mahout are also used in this regard.

  • Data Visualization

Most of the Data Scientists rely on Tableau for Data Visualization. Ggplot2, SAP Business Objects, Cognos are the other tools that are also in this regard.

  • Distributed Processing

For distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers, the best tool in use is Apache Hadoop. It is an open source tool.

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