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Why AWS Is Trending As The Leading Cloud Servicer Provider?

Most of you must be clearly aware of the prominence of Cloud Computing industry that is transforming the way IT, Software & Business enterprises operate. If you are new to the term cloud computing, then let’s tell that you that cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, over the internet. Cloud computing technology allows users to store their data directly over the cloud without the need for any physical servers. Users can access or retrieve the data which is stored in the cloud from anywhere around the by simply accessing the internet. 

At present, the cloud computing industry is being dominated by service providers like Google, Microsoft, Rackspace & AWS. Among these service providers, AWS is regarded as the most in-demand, secured & cost effective cloud service provider. With a tremendous growth in the global cloud computing market share of whooping 45.9%., AWS is currently the largest share holder of IaaS cloud market share.

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Reasons Why AWS Is The Pioneer Leader In The Cloud Industry-

  • Scalable Solutions That For Every Organization

The different cloud solutions that are offered by AWS can be easily scaled to best fit the enterprises requirements. If you are running a large scale enterprise or a small start-up, AWS services can be easily customized as per your enterprises needs.

  • Multiple Solutions

AWS offers more than a hundred cloud solutions to its users. Storage, Computing, Networking Hosting, Analytics, etc are among the most popular services by AWS. Users can make avail of any of its service without any prior commitments.

  • Cost Effective Solutions

AWS delivers its services at an optimized pricing. If we compare the AWS cloud solutions prices with the other cloud service providers we will be observing that AWS charges its users almost 20 to 30 times less in comparison to others. AWS adopts cost-effective pay-per-use pricing model.

  • Security

The cloud based services offered by AWS are known for their high-end security features. With frequent security updates, AWS protects its users data from all forms of threats.

Apart from these, there are several other factors that are responsible for the immense popularity & demand for cloud services offered by AWS. Build a successful career in the field of cloud computing with AWS by being a part of Kelly Technologies AWS training program.

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