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Prominent Use Cases Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence- The latest advancing technology that is disrupting the industries across every major sector. Experts are of that within the coming years, AI is expected to shape the world towards a new age revolution (fourth industrial revolution). As of now, the rapid advancements in AI have made this technology very crucial for IT, Business, Healthcare, Banking, Automobile, Space Research, Defence, Insurance & Government Sectors. Also, most of the governments across the nations are making use of AI to fight back the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In the coming years, Artificial Intelligence is also expected to become very crucial for the new age emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Robotics, etc. AS the hype around Artificial Intelligence is real, this is the right time to prepare your career to experience a major industry shift towards Artificial Intelligence. Join us for the advanced AI Training In Hyderabad program offered by Kelly Technologies to become an industry-ready AI expert.

Now, let’s take a look at the different use cases where Artificial Intelligence has become very crucial.

Facial Recognition Technology-

Facial Recognition is a new technology that widely being used across different social media platforms & forensic departments. Facial Recognition technology makes use of advanced AI algorithms to identify features from a photo & compares it with several others photos to find the exact match. 

This technology is also very crucial for fraud detection & is being deployed for the same application in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Defence Government & other sectors. You would be surprised to know that these face lock apps in our smartphones make use of Facial Recognition technology.

In Medicine and Health Sector-

The applications of Artificial Intelligence have become very crucial in the healthcare sector. AI is being used to enhance the safety and quality of healthcare services. AI-drive smart robots are now being used successfully in several complicated surgeries.

Different aspects though which Healthcare sector is benefiting with AI are

  • Tracking and Preventing Diseases
  • Accurate Diagnosis of Diseases
  • Tracking the Patients Healthcare Data
  • Development of Drugs
  • Image Analysis
  • Robotic Surgeries 

Automated Customer Support

AI-driven smart applications like Chatbots are being used extensively to empower the organizations customer support service.  AI-powered smart customer support systems are capable of assisting customers with simple questions, tracking their orders, finding desired products & more.

Apart from these, AI is also being used across several other areas & its impact is growing exponentially. If you are curious to build your career in this trending technology of AI, then join us for our exclusive job-driven AI training program by qualified experts at Kelly Technologies.

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