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Most Extensively Used Open Source Tools for Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

The field of Data Science is gaining widespread popularity and post the COVID pandemic, many companies are relying on Data Science to get their economies back on the track. It is estimated that by 2022, more than 40% of companies will be using decision-making intelligence in their business, irrespective of the domain or industry they are working in. As companies begin to collect, store, and analyze data from their data centers and other data sources, Data Science can help them in uncovering new analytics. These new analyses will use case analysis techniques to unlock business data and drive strategically accurate decision-making.

As the demand for Data Science is growing exponentially, the demand for the skilled Data Science experts with intense knowledge of tools in this field is on the surge. You can build hands-on expertise in the most prominent Data Science tools with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program. Now, let’s look at the list of the prominent Data Science tools for Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning.

  • Python

Python is the most extensively used programming language in the Data Science industry. Being open source in nature and because of its easy and flexible coding syntax, Python has gained widespread demand and acceptance in the Machine Learning community.

  • R

Next to Python, R is the second most extensively used programming in the analytics community. R is backed by a strong and an active community base and also has a number of packages and libraries that support execution of Machine Learning operations.

  • Apache Spark

Being an open-source tool, Apache Spark has become one of the largest communities in Big Data. Spark has numerous advantages when it comes to Big Data management that includes high flexibility, speed, computational power, etc.

  • Julia

The demand for Julia is steadily and is considered as the successor of Python. The advancements in Julia are still in the development stage and analytics community is eagerly waiting for its addition into Data Science.

  • Jupyter Notebooks

This too is most extensively used by the analytics community to do coding for Python. Besides supporting Python, this tool also supports other languages such as Julia, R, etc..

You can build hands-on technical expertise in the most extensively used open source and paid tools by the analytics community with our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program. 

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