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List of the Top Data Science Tools in 2021

Data Science tools will be playing a crucial role in the data analytical process. If you are curious about stepping into the world of Data Science then, you must be clearly aware of the most prominent Data Science tools. Data Scientists make use of n number of tools to accurately interpret with Big Data and so achieving mastery of these tools can be a tricky decision.

Now, let’s help you in listing down the most prominent and widely used Data Science tools. And if you are new to Data Science and wish to develop skills that would help to get started in a career in Data Science then join us for our intense Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

Data Science Tools for Big Data:

To get a clear grip on the concept of Big Data, one should understand the principles that define Big Data which are commonly referred to as 3 V’s of Big Data: Volume, Variety & Velocity.

Data Science Tools for Volume:

The term volume in the context of Big Data relates to the scale and the quantity of data. You will be surprised to know that over the last two years, we have generated as much as 90% of the overall data that we are currently surrounded with.  

  • Microsoft Excel

If you are dealing with data in small volumes then, working on Excel will be the best and the easiest available option. One sheet in Excel supports over 1 million rows and has up to 16,380 columns at a time however if you are dealing with data in sheer volumes then Excel wouldn’t be enough to manage.

  • Microsoft Access

If you are dealing with databases with volume no more than 2Gb then, working on Microsoft Access would be the best option. And this tool will become ineffective whenever data exceeds its prescribed volume limit.

  • SQL

The Structured Query Language is the most oldest and an extensively used data management system. A decade earlier, SQL is predominantly used as the primary database management tool however It becomes inefficient whenever the database continues to grow in sheer volumes.

  • Hadoop

This is currently the most popular and widely used open-source distributed framework. Whenever you are dealing with sheer volumes of Big Data, then look no further beyond Hadoop for your data processing and storage tasks. Whenever you are working on some Machine Learning project then you would surely be working on Hadoop as a part of your Big Data management task.

  • Hive

It is the perfect data warehouse tool. If you are dealing with large volumes of Big Data that is stored across different databases that needs to be queried then Hive would be the right to for use.

If you are interested in building practical expertise in these tools, then look no further beyond Data Science Course in Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

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