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List Of Top Cloud Services Offered By Amazon Web Services

AWS is the leading cloud computing platform that delivers over thousand different cloud related services on-demand. The cloud services offered by AWS can be classified into different types like compute, database, messaging, migration, storage, management tools, network, and content delivery and more. If you are an AWS cloud computing career enthusiast then knowing about the top cloud services offered by AWS is very crucial.  

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In this post, let’s get a clear idea about the list of top cloud services offered by AWS.

  • AWS EC2

Amazon EC2 is one of the most extensively used cloud services offered by AWS. Amazon EC2 takes out the burden of infrastructure maintenance from the users’ shoulders. Building virtual machines is very easy with EC2 & it also takes care of different server management features like storage, ports, and security.

Developing applications has now become a lot easier with the advent of EC2 as users can now set their complete concentration on the application development process rather than server management.

  • Amazon RDS

Amazon Rational Database Service which is otherwise known as Amazon RDS is another popular cloud service offered by AWS. Amazon RDS ensures users will be having minimal complexities while setting up their cloud infrastructure. With Amazon RDS, users will be gaining access to dedicated instances for databases which they can use over a limited period of time based on their application needs.

  • Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is the most reliable cloud storage service offered by AWS that ensures high end security for users’ data in the cloud. The data here gets securely stored in 3 data centers in a particular region.

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