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List Of The Most Commonly Used Tools By Data Scientists

The application of Data Science isn’t limited to any one particular field. The use of Big Data & Data Science has become very crucial for the enterprises across various sectors. With Big Data having become the new oil for the business development process, there are plenty of benefits of using Data Science in the business sector. The growing prominence of Big Data & Data Science technologies has made Data Scientists become the major essential part of the enterprises business development process.

If you are intended to become a Data Science expert then having knowledge of advanced data modeling techniques, knowledge of programming languages like Python, R, expertise in handling algorithms in Machine Learning becomes very crucial. Also, having intense skills in relation to working on handling advanced analytical tool sets would be very crucial. Get transformed into a job ready-expert in Data Science with the help of our job-centered Data Science Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s look at some of the most extensively used tools by Data Scientists for different applications.

List Of The Extensively Used Tools By Data Scientists-

Data Sourcing- MongoDB, Hadoop HDFS, Riak, SAP, Cassandra, Redis

Data Storing- Oracle, SAP Sybase, MySql, Apache HBase, Neo4j

Data Transformation-           Hive

Exploratory Analysis-            Elastic search, knime

Model Building & Insight Generation-R, SAS, pandas, Python, Julia, Rapid Miner, SPSS, Mahout, SAP HANA, Clojure

Data Visualization- Ggplot2, SAP Business Objects, Tableau, Cognos, JMP, JasperSoft

Model execution- Hadoop, Java, Spark, Scala, C#, Storm

Data Scientists also makes use of several open source tools as a part of their day-to-day operations. Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive Apache Pig Apache Mahout RapidMine, etc are among the most extensively used tools in this regard.  

Apart from these there are several other advanced tools that are used by Data Scientists. Work towards becoming a job-ready Data Science expert with knowledge of all the essential tools & techniques with the help of Kelly Technologies Data Science Training program.

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