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Different Ways In Which AWS Is Helping Businesses

Amazon Web Services is a highly powerful & one of the most extensively used online platform for cloud services. AWS is owned by the E-Commerce giant the Amazon Company.  AWS has become so popular in the field of business that it would be hard to imagine a smooth functioning of business processes without AWS.

Being the most secured platform for cloud solutions, AWS has gathered a lot of popularity & is currently the undisputed leader in the cloud computing industry. In this present age of Big Data, business enterprises have started relying a lot on AWS. Hosting, Storage, Compute, Database, Networking, Analytics, IoT, Security, Management Tools are some of the most extensively used services for business that are offered by AWS. Work towards becoming a pioneer job-ready in the field of cloud computing with AWS with the help of our real-time AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s have a look at a few business uses for AWS that any enterprises can take advantage of.

  • Serving Large Files

Using Amazon Web Services, businesses can now easily share large files online or share smaller files with a very large audience. Previously, the process of sharing files over the web used to be a time consuming & also a very expensive process. However with the advent of AWS, business enterprises have now got access to Amazon S3, a cloud storage solution that offers virtually infinite scalability for file sharing.

  • Sending Transactional Email

Relying on a web server for sending emails isn’t ideal as there’s a great chance that these mails would get detected as spam. With Amazon’s SES (Simple Email Service) you can deliver several thousands of emails at fraction of the cost.

  • Hosting An App Or Website

With AWS cloud based hosting, enterprises can serve their clients uninterruptedly even at the time peak hours of traffic. With Cloud based hosting, you can easily host websites at an affordable price.

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