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List Of Some Of The Smart Cloud Solutions Offered By AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a prime leader in the cloud computing industry with millions of customer base around the world. AWS is known for delivering highly scalable, cost-effective, & secured cloud solutions subscribing to which enterprises can take revolutionary leaps forward. The cloud solutions offered by AWS will help the enterprises by not only cutting down their infrastructure maintenance cost but will also help them in better serving their customers uninterruptedly.

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Now, in this post, let’s take a look at the different services offered by AWS.

  • Storage

Amazon Web Services delvers highly scalable cloud storage solutions in the name of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Amazon S3 lets users securely store their data up to 5 Gigabytes using which you can allocate your clients or staff with multitier data access and restrict access to sensitive data.

Amazon Glacier and Amazon Elastic Block Store are also among the popular storage solutions by AWS.

  • Hosting

With AWS hosting solutions, businesses no longer need to worry about the downtime issues for their websites. The cloud-based hosting solution by AWS doesn’t hold any bandwidth constraints i.e.; bandwidth gets automatically adjusted based on the traffic. So, websites no longer face downtime issues whenever there is a sudden rise in the traffic as the bandwidth gets scaled automatically. 

  • Networking

AWS presents its users with access to Virtual Private Clouds (VPC). With VPC, users will get complete control over their network traffic by using many productive tools.

  • Mobile Application Development

Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Device Farm, Amazon Pinpoint are some of the services by AWS using which developers can easily build mobile applications of any complexity. AWS Device Farm comes with automated testing & remote access feature that makes the process of mobile application development much efficient.

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